Welcome at our (or should we say your?) new website!

Please look around and don’t forget to register your self as an Owner for this website. Go to the “Login/Register” link in the menu above and choose the “Register” tab. Then you will see this Registration Form (this is an image!)

Also fill in information about Holiday Village because with that information we can link you to the administration section of Holiday Village with the payment information.

After registration you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of your registration. You can’t log in yet until we have approved your account . This process could take some time but we try to link your account within 1 day with your apartments(s)/penthouse(s)/villa(s) so you can see specific information for the owners like your payments, annual meetings minutes. So please be patient!

We will send you an e-mail when the link to the administration has been made or not. When not, we probably need some more information about your ownership and will ask you for that in that e-mail.

So please be patient and if you have any questions, please send them to rob@holidayvillage.info. He knows what is going on and can assist you with your registration/login issues.