Utility payment info

It seems that some owners have difficulty paying their local bills for electricity, water, telephone, internet etcetera. 

Here are some recommendations to make it a little bit easier.

1. Open a local TL bankaccount
Most owners have a euro account at some local bank in Mahmutlar or Alanya. This is fine for transactions in euros. However payment of local invoices in TL (Liras) or automatic payments in TL are difficult if not impossible.
For this reason we recommend to open a TL bankaccount (Holiday Village has bankaccounts at the Garantibank in Mahmutlar).

For automatic payment of electricity, water, telephon, internet and other utilities you may go to your bank, give your customer number (of your supplier) and ask the bank for automatic payment.

Make sure that you always have sufficient funds on your bankaccount to pay all bills. An easy and usually inexpensive way to get some funds into your TL account is to get some money from an ATM with your bankcard, each time you stay in Holiday Village, walk in into you local bank office and make a deposit.

2. Still have some old bills to pay and you are not in Mahmutlar?
Maybe some of your bills were not automatically paid by your bank, even if you have authorised them to do so.
You may authorise your bank in Mahmutlar to pay OLD utility invoices through a form that you may download here:
Garantibank old bills authorisation form (click to download).

You may authorise your bank in Mahmutlar to pay NEW utility invoices through a form that you may download here:
Garantibank automatic payment authorisation form (click to download).

Fill in your name, surname, bankaccountnumber (don’t fill-in the date!), sign the form and send it to our manager Murat. He will take care of it and hand over the form to your bank. 

Alternatively you may scan the filled-in and signed form and email a scanned copy as an attachment to Murat.

3. Automatic payment of Turkish Telecom internet invoices.
A lot of owners have now a telephone and internetcommection from Turkish Telecom. However, some authorisations for automatic payment may not be properly processed.

You can check if you have any outstanding bills by surfing to the TT website: http://ttnet.com.tr.
Click on their homepage on: fatura odeme (on the right in the grey box) or follow this link:  http://www.ttnet.com.tr/bireysel/destek/faturaislemleri/Sayfalar/Faturanizi-Odeyin.aspx

There is a small form on this page; select telephone No and fill in your telephone number (start with 242… and the securitycode and click on the “Devam”  button.
The website will show you a list of unpaid invoices.

You may send a authorisation form (point 2) to Murat to authorise the bank to pay automatically your utility bills. To reactivate automatic payment fill-in this form (DO NOT FILL-IN the date) and send the form to Murat and he will get it to your bank.

If you have an account at Garantibank and have internetaccess you may select your old bills there and authoise for immediate payment. Follow the instructions on the bank website.

4. Freeze your internetaccount (only for applicable internet subscriptions)
Starting January 2013 you may freeze your internet account (while you are not in Holiday Village). 
You may fill in this special TTnet form (click to download) and send it with together with a copy of your passport to Murat. He will collect all the forms and get it to Turkish Telecom in time to freeze your subscription for the first time in January.

Here is a sample of a filled-in form (so that you know which field to fill-in!)