Staying in Holiday Village

Planning a visit to Holiday Village?

Please send a message well ahead of your arrival to the manager, Murat Gülgen

This will enable the staff  to switch on electricity and water supply shortly before you arrive

Owner information

Holiday Village Owners association must, for legal, administrative en practical reasons, administer some personal information from all owners.
It may be important that we are able to contact Owners in the event of an emergency or to provide an update of information from the Complex. Of course all this information will be kept save and will not be made available to other parties, unless forced by law.

Keep your information up-to-date!
Consequently, if some of your contact information – telephone numbers, home address, e-mail address, emergency contact number etc, changes we kindly ask you to update the information through your Owner account at this website. You can change your information there after login.
We kindly ask you to check your personal information on a regulare basis and make necessary changes.

Your owner account
All owners have access to their own information through a login account on this website (“Login/Register” ). 
Once you logged in, using your username and password, you will see a few extra menu items in the Menu bar on every page of this website. You will find your Account and Payment information in the “Owners Info”  menu.  

If you don’t have a login account:
Please contact the manager and ask for your login name and password.

If you forgot your password:
Click on the link “Forget your password?” in the login window beneath the buttons when you try to log in . Your password will be emailed to your last known email address (that is another reason why it is important to keep your email address up to date).

If you forgot your login name:
Please contact the manager and ask for your login name.

Before you leave, back home

Before you leave your apartment or villa: 

  • make sure you turn of the main electricity switch and main water valve
  • inform the park manager 

Although, in most cases, the park manager or house master will shut-off electricity and water at the central electricity and water terminal, you are responsible yourself, in case of fire, leakage or any other damage inside and outside of your home (if caused by a source inside your home).
Damages of more then TL 9000 have occured in the past in comparable apartments.

The house master cannot be held responsible, even if you informed him of your absence!

Manager & staff

The Holiday Village staff is small. 
Three in total, plus the official Holiday dog (security and keeping stray dogs off our property) and cat (name unknown) for chasing rats, snakes and keeping stray cats off our property.

One manager and two general staff for night watch, cleaning and other general work.

One week night shift and next week day shift.

Night shift 7 days a week from 20.00 till 7.00.
During night hours pool & equipment are cleaned and between 24.00 – 6.00 the garden is manually watered through sprinklers. Open entrance gate for late arrivals or early departures. Keep an eye on security cameras.

Day shift 6 days a week from 9.00-21.00
Cleaning (stairways, elevators, entrances, gate area) and general work

Holiday Village manager working hours Monday – Friday 8.00 till 18.00, on Saturday 8.00 – 12.00

Office hours for owners (for questions and problems) Monday – Friday from 10.00 – 11.00

Garden maintenance staff is hired on a as needed basis.

Holiday Village staff is only available for maintenance of Holiday Village common property. 

Problems within your apartment, including private equipment like satelite receivers, computers, internet connections, electricity, water, swimming pools (villas!) and so on are owners responsibility. 

Before you ask for assistence check if it is a private problem or a problem with Holiday Village property or utilities.
If your TV does not receive programs or if you cannot connect to the internet, check with your neighbours or other owners first before calling Holiday Village staff. 

After working hours the manager can only be contacted in case of an emergency.

Problems with Satelite TV system or internet access are NOT considered an emergency.

Holiday Village rules (outdated)



The aim of the Association is to introduce and enforce rules and regulations that give all owners, and all other residents / other users of the apartments/villas the enjoyment of a safe and comfortable living environment.

Our goal is to prevent situations arising through negligence or carelessness by any owner or visitor, which would devalue or affect the reputation of the complex.

It is the duty of every owner/resident and their guests to accept and abide by these rules and regulations while living in or visiting the Holiday Village.

All Owners/renters should agree to the House/Pool rules by signature with the Manager.

Section 1

Apartments and Villas

  1. All owners who rent out their premises are obliged to inform the Manager before the arrival of the tenant. Otherwise access to the tenant will be denied.
  2. The use of open fire barbeques or cooking equipment on the apartment balconies is strictly forbidden. Gas Barbeques are permitted and should be used in a responsible manner.
  3. The hanging of towels, carpets and other items such as real estate sale signs and flags over the balconies is also forbidden.
  4. The installation of sun blinds, security shutters and bars are permitted provided they conform both in colour (yellow/white – if there is any doubt please consult with the Manager) and construction to the original design of the building. Any construction that is deemed to be unsuitable will be removed. The installation of wind-screens and wind-deflectors are not permitted.
  5. The placing of pot plants within the confines of the balconies is allowed but no such items should be placed outside the apartment s in areas such as staircases and landings.
  6. Owners are obliged to accept that scaffolds and the use of balconies and terraces may be utilised by employees and sub-contractors engaged in cleaning and maintenance activities.
  7. It is forbidden to install or place antennae e.g. satellite dishes on balconies or outer walls.
  8. Any internal structural changes to the apartments / villas will only be allowed if the changes do not compromise the structural integrity of the building and do not affect it’s character. Any such changes must have the appropriate permits from the municipality and if required the local council. Any such changes are required to be presented to the Board in advance.
  9. The repair and maintenance of any structural changes will be at the owner’s expense.

Section 2

All recreational areas are unsupervised and all residents and visitors use these facilities at their own risk. Please note that the HV communal building insurance does not cover personal injuries.

Communal Areas

  1. The owners, tenants and visitors should ensure that the communal areas and building exteriors are not damaged or littered.
  2. Newspaper, flyers and other advertising materials must not be disposed of in the stairways and halls of the apartment blocks.
  3. All owners and tenants are responsible for the disposal of their own domestic waste in the designated containers allocated to each block. Leaving domestic waste in apartment stairwells or outside villas is strictly forbidden.
  4. Smoking is not permitted in stairwells, landings, lifts, basements or gyms.
  5. So as not to cause unnecessary obstructions to owners and tenants, objects such as bicycles, prams, motor bikes and scooters must only be left in designated areas designed for their storage.
  6. The washing of vehicles in the complex is strictly forbidden.
  7. A speed of 10 kph must be observed by all vehicles on the complex.
  8. All vehicles must only be parked in designated parking areas. It is forbidden to park in the following areas:
    • Near the stairways.
    • Apartment entrances.
    • Entrance to the swimming pool, gym and basements.
  9. Private BBQ parties are not permitted in communal areas – eg. around the pool areas. The Management of Holiday Village will organize BBQ parties on occasion for the Owners/Residents/Tenants.
  10. Pets must be on a leash at all times and are not permitted to foul in communal areas.
  11. Please note that the sun- loungers, umbrellas and all other furnishings in the communal areas remain the property of Holiday Village and should not be taken from these communal areas.

Section 3

Swimming Pools

  1. The use of the swimming pool is at your own risk and diving is not permitted.
  2. It is forbidden to use towels or other objects to reserve sun beds.
  3. All furniture in the common areas is to be respected – sun umbrellas, sun beds etc.
  4. The use of sun beds/inflatable mattresses on waterslides is strictly forbidden.
  5. Glassware is not permitted in the vicinity of the pool.
  6. As there is no life guard, it is the responsibility of parents to ensure their children’s safety.
  7. Showering before entering the pool is essential.
  8. The opening times for the pools are 0700 to 2300 and must be adhered to.
  9. Use of the water slides is only permitted between 10.00 and 20.00.
  10. Use of the pool will not be permitted during the winter months.
  11. Swimming will be available at the complex between the middle of March and the beginning of November.
  12. Responsible behaviour is expected in the Pool areas – excessive noise, running, diving, high-spirits etc are not encouraged.
  13. Pets are not permitted in the vicinity of the Pool areas.
  14. Please note that the sun- loungers, umbrellas and all other furnishings in the communal areas remain the property of Holiday Village and should not be taken from these communal areas.

Section 4

Tennis / Basketball Courts

  1. Opening hours are 09.00 to 22.00 and must be strictly adhered to.
  2. While in use, noise must be kept to an acceptable level.
  3. Sports facilities should only be used for their intended purpose.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to use roller-blades/skate boards on the surface of the tennis/basketball court.

Sauna / Gym (B-Block)

  1. Opening hours are 07.00-24.00 and must be strictly adhered to.
  2. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to use the sauna.
  3. Children under the age of 16 should only use gym equipment under adult supervision.
  4. Damages sustained to the equipment due to misuse will be charged to the offending party.
  5. All Equipment in the gym/sauna area is used at Owners risk.
  6. As the sauna is part of the communal area, please ensure that you remain covered at all times.

Section 5

Business Activities

  1. It is forbidden to operate a company or any other commercial enterprise on the complex without the permission of the Committee.
  2. The placing of unauthorized signs, flyers and slogans etc. in and around the common areas are strictly forbidden.
  3. Business / Sales Representatives promoting their businesses must have a prior invitation from the Committee / House Master. Otherwise access to the complex will be denied.

Section 6


  1. Holiday Village staff will be present on the complex 24 hours a day.
  2. All visitors invited to the complex must sign in with the Manager/appointed staff member.
  3. The Main Gate will generally remain closed throughout the day/night. Access is possible through use of the fob/telephone number on the gate.

Section 7

Visitors / Tenants

  1. Tenants and visitors have the same responsibilities and duties as residents to strictly observe the safety, security and cleanliness of the complex.
  2. Tenants and visitors are bound by the same rules and regulations as owners.
  3. Tenants are afforded the same privileges as owners to all the facilities on the complex provided they adhere to all acceptable standards, rules and regulations. This is to be done by agreeing to the House/Pool rules by signing this agreement with the Manager.
  4. As the letting of an apartment / villa is outside the remit of the Board/Management the owner is always to be held responsible for any damage that a tenant / guest may cause.
  5. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that all tenants / guests are aware of all rules and regulations.
  6. In cases of a guest’s/ tenant’s misbehavior the Board/Manager may deny access to that tenant / guest. In the event of more serious breach we reserve the right to proceed with disciplinary measures and the possibility of involving external agencies.
  7. Owners, tenants and visitors are responsible for the loss and the giving of keys to any third parties. This includes the keys for the apartment/ villa, central doors and storage areas.
  8. It is the duty of residents and visitors to inform the House Master of any damages to or defects in the communal areas.

Section 8


  1. The owners of pets will be held responsible for any nuisance, damage or soiling caused by their pets.
  2. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times and aggressive dogs must be muzzled.
  3. In order to prevent nuisance and ensure hygiene around the buildings, it is forbidden to feed birds or other wildlife.
  4. The throwing of food from balconies is strictly forbidden.
  5. Pets are not allowed in the vicinity of the Pool areas and are not permitted to foul in any communal area.

Section 9

Anti-social behavior

  1. It is the responsibility of every owner, tenant and guest to minimise any noise pollution within the complex.
  2. Loud music, all-night parties and unruly behavior is strictly forbidden. If this is not adhered to and the intervention of security is not successful, the local police will be called.
  3. It is expected that all Owners/Tenants and Guests behave appropriately (follow the House/Pool Rules) while on the Complex – this is to be agreed to by signing the agreement with the Manager.

Section 10

Maintenance and Annual Contribution

Our financial year begins January 1st and ends December 31st.

All owners are obliged to pay the annual subscription that has been decided at the Annual General Meeting.

This deadline for payment is at the discretion of the Board. As agreed at the last Annual General Meeting (2010), this deadline for payment will be January 31st 2011.

If payment is delayed, a ten per cent penalty will be incurred and the Committee will initiate legal proceedings. Steps involved in this process are outlined below.

Legal proceedings:

  1. Firstly a lawyer sends a letter to the defaulter apprising him/her of the situation and informing them that if they do not pay in a certain period of time, the matter will be forwarded to the court in Alanya. The time between the issue of the letter and the initiation of court proceedings is approximately 3 months.
  2. Once the matter is with the court it is too late to stop proceedings.
  3. When the matter goes to litigation, the court may rule that the property is to be put up for sale at a price dictated by the court. This process can take between 3 and 6 months.
  4. The Management of Holiday Village will be awarded the amount claimed for on the sale of the property.
  5. All correspondence regarding the above actions will be sent to the owners address in Holiday Village.
  6. Please note that no correspondence in relation to these matters will be sent to your home address outside Holiday Village.

Section 11


  1. In relation to other correspondence it is important to note that you should provide a home address to the Board/Management, if Holiday Village is not your normal place of residence.
  2. If possible an email address should be provided to the Board/Management to facilitate contact with owners. This will be the Board/Management’s preferred form of correspondence.
  3. Access to rooftops and other maintenance areas are strictly forbidden and are only accessible to maintenance personnel.
  4. Renovations that include drilling, hammering or other noise polluting activities are not permitted outside the hours of 0900 to 2100.

Section 12

Proposals to Change Rules and Regulations
Proposals to change rules and regulation must be made in writing to members of the Board at least four weeks before the Annual General Meeting, where it will be put to the delegates for approval.