Update from the Board (January 2024)

Dear Owners,

It has been a quieter than usual season so far in Holiday Village – the challenges that are facing the world around us appear to have also affected us here in paradise. Indeed, following a trial to extend the opening hours in the Pool Restaurant, the decision to do this has been postponed given the lower numbers here this year. However, it seems that those who have been able to visit have had a very positive time and the people we have spoken to have been very happy with their stay at Holiday Village.

Latest News:

  1. The new Board – elected at the May AGM – have had a number of meetings already and are committed to working hard for our Complex. Jussi and Cathal are delighted to welcome Gert Nielsen to the team and are looking forward to working with him.
  2. The Complex remains financially sound – given the volatility of the TL at the moment, it is very difficult to make reasonable future financial predictions, for example the salaries of the workers at Holiday Village have had significant increases a number of times over the past year by order of the Turkish Government. Other necessary complex costs have also been subject to significant increases due to the inflation rate. This does make the job of budgeting for the future more complicated. The Board/ Manager is in the process of following up the small number of owners who have yet to reconcile their annual fee accounts – persistent offenders will be referred to the Lawyer as agreed at the AGM. However, at the time of issue, the Complex has the following money in its accounts: 15000 TL and 21800 Euro which includes a number of fee payments for the coming year. It must be noted that the costs to date of running and maintaining the Complex is reflective of the erratic and enduring inflation rate and this must be considered when organizing future budgets. More detailed financial information will be available in due course and forwarded to Owners.
  3. A new and more interactive website/ information portal will be unveiled in the near future – as well as providing up to date information on Holiday Village, it will also provide relevant information such as taxi/transfer providers, utility information – water/ gas providers, emergency information as well as important contacts. Each owner will be issued with a Holiday Village e-mail account so communication will be made easier.
  4. Updated rules have been posted around the Complex – in the Blocks, Fitness Centre, Sauna, Pool Bar etc. It is expected that any users of our Complex treat it and the people in it with respect. So, please do familiarise yourself with the rules and expectations of Holiday Village. Owners – please be aware that if you rent out your property, you are responsible for the conduct of your renters.
  5. Thank you to those Owners who have already paid their fee for this year – a reminder to those who have not yet paid their fee for 2023 – there are still quite a number of owners who have yet to pay this:
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  6. A new member of staff has been employed to maintain the garden – Menderes Koc. Murat is also seeking new ways to make the garden area more sustainable year after year by planting more shrubs instead of flowers, which will continue to look good all year around.
  7. Many thanks for your continued support of the work the Manager and Board do at Holiday Village and we look forward to this continuing over the coming months and years.


The Manager and Board of Holiday Village