Holiday Village

Shuttle Bus

Dear Owners/ Residents,

This is to give notice that the Shuttle Bus facility will no longer be available from Friday June 9th as a mutually agreeable arrangement could not be reached and the last journey, therefore, will be made on the above date.

As you will be aware from the recent AGM, the only proposal on offer from the Shuttle Bus provider was unanimously rejected as it represented very poor value for money for the Owners at Holiday Village – the increase proposed was exorbitant and unreasonable to the Owners represented and amounted to 750 Euro per calendar month for a reduced service. Following this meeting, a generous counter offer was made in an attempt to retain the Shuttle Bus service, but the provider was unwilling to reach a mutually acceptable agreement, where both parties would be satisfied. The Board of the Complex has a responsibility to ensure that the monies paid by the property Owners is spent in a prudent manner, especially when considering that a very small percentage of Owners/ Residents make use of the service and thus, as was agreed at the AGM, alternative solutions would be sought.

After this date, should you wish to travel to Mahmutlar, please contact the Holiday Village Manager, Murat Gulgen on 0905416537963 and he will call a taxi. The average cost to travel to/ from Mahmutlar is 50-60TL, which is around 2/2.5 Euro and represents excellent value for money. We will endeavour to secure the details of efficient, reliable and competitive taxi services for the use of Holiday Village residents and information will be provided on this in due course.

Also, be aware that many restaurants in Mahmutlar offer a free transfer service home.

The Manager and Board of Holiday Village