Fee Payment Policy

Starting with owner fees for 2019, all amounts payable to Holiday Village are calculated and published in Euro.
In your payments page you can see the balance per 18-11-2018 in Turkish Lira and in (converted) Euros.
That’s because from that moment all transactions had to be made in Euros.

Owners may choose to pay other currency. All amounts received on our Euro account will be recalculated at the (then) current exchange rate.
The exchange rate fluctuations are owners risk. The Euro amount (that is received into our Euro account) counts. 
Owners choosing to pay in non-Euro currency are responsible to calculate the correct equivalent euro amount. All Bank tansfer cost are for the owner.
Minor differences resulting from exchange rate fluctuations or miscalculations must be paid within one (1) year. Differences of more than TL 100 must be paid during the owners next visit to Holiday Village or within 6 months at the maximum.