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About this website

Holiday Village is a well managed complex with 140 properties (apartments, penthouses and villas) and deserves also a well managed website. The old website was almost 20 years old(!) and despite the functionality in the backoffice, it was not a website that had kept up with the times.

That’s why you see now a fresh and modern looking website with a lot of functionality for the owners and also for the park management.
Some of the functionalities:

  • As an owner you will be able to see your payments / fees.
  • As an owner you can also modify your profile with the right data.
  • There is a special “All owners page” where you can see other owners with their property number(s), name, gender and nationality.
    All other information is private. Of course there is a possibility to withdrawn from this page but we encourage you to take part of this because you can meet other owners, talk with them, get to know them better. You can also, and that’s a great advantage, “chat” with each other if you wish.
  • Via this chat function you can also chat with the park manager Murat if you have some questions, problems or some other information.

As mentioned on the home page, not everything of the old website has been transferred but we are still busy with adding accurate content.
We hope that you are satisfied with this new website and if you have any questions, remarks, don’t hesitate to send an email, or better, send a chat message (you have to be logged in) or use the contact form.

And as always: have a nice stay and holiday on our beautiful complex!