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Owner information

Holiday Village Owners association must, for legal, administrative en practical reasons, administer some personal information from all owners.
It may be important that we are able to contact Owners in the event of an emergency or to provide an update of information from the Complex. Of course all this information will be kept save and will not be made available to other parties, unless forced by law.

Keep your information up-to-date
Consequently, if some of your contact information – telephone numbers, home address, e-mail address, emergency contact number etc, changes we kindly ask you to update the information through your Owner account at this website.
If you please let the Management at Holiday Village know by contacting .
We kindly ask you to check your personal information on a regulare basis and make necessary changes.

Your owner account
All owners have access to their own information through a login account on this website ("your profile" ).  Payments made to Holiday Village are accessible as well - when logged in - (" your payments").
Once you logged in, using your username and password, you will see a few extra menu items in the horizontal menu list on the home page of this website. You will find your profile and payment information in the " Info for owners only"  submenu.

If you don't have a login account:
Please contact the manager and ask for your login name and password.

If you forgot your password:
Follow the instructions in the login window on the home page (right side: "Forgot your passoword"). Your password will be emailed to your last known email address (that is another reason why it is important to keep your email address up to date).

If you forgot your login name:
Please contact the manager and ask for your login name.

last update: 26-05-2016
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