Staying in Holiday Village

Manager & staff

Holiday Village staff is small. 
Three in total, plus the official Holiday dog Django (security and keeping stray dogs off our property) and cat (name unknown) for chasing rats, snakes and keeping stray cats off our property.

One manager and two general staff for night watch, cleaning and other general work.

One week night shift and next week day shift.

Night shift 7 days a week from 20.00 till 7.00.
During night hours pool & equipment are cleaned and between 24.00 - 6.00 the garden is manually watered through sprinklers. Open entrance gate for late arrivals or early departures. Keep an eye on security cameras.

Day shift 6 days a week from 9.00-21.00
Cleaning (stairways, elevators, entrances, gate area) and general work

Holiday Village manager working hours Monday - Friday 8.00 till 18.00, on Saturday 8.00 - 12.00

Office hours for owners (for questions and problems) Monday - Friday from 10.00 - 11.00

Garden maintenance staff is hired on a as needed basis.

Holiday Village staff is only available for maintenance of Holiday Village common property. 

Problems within your apartment, including private equipment like satelite receivers, computers, internet connections, electricity, water, swimming pools (villas!) and so on are owners responsibility. 

Before you ask for assistence check if it is a private problem or a problem with Holiday Village property or utilities.
If your TV does not receive programs or if you cannot connect to the internet, check with your neighbours or other owners first before calling Holiday Village staff. 

After working hours the manager can only be contacted in case of an emergency.

Problems with Satelite TV system or internet access are NOT considered an emergency.

last update: 06-10-2011
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