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our neighbours:industrial park

The industrial park at the west side of Holiday Village was constructed in 2008/2009. It was planned at the same time as Holiday Village.  Of course Kurt Safir Saray, Toros and others involved in selling Holiday Village were clever enough not to mention the plans for the industrial park as well as the prison in our neighbourhood.

Moving businesses from Mahmutlar village
Due to the economic crises many businesses in Mahmutlar delayed moving to the new industrial park, but in 2010 activities increased significantly. 

Of course, (small) industrial activities don't mix very well with a living and touristic environment and we will have to see and learn how to live next to each other. 

In 2011 the cooperation that is owning and operating the industrial complex will elect a board. It will be much easier, in case of problems or complaints, to communicate between the two boards.

For urgent matters you may ask our manager for intervenience or address the board of Holiday Village. We request owners not to enter a discussion with individual business owners as this usually proves ineffective.

Support from the municipality
The mayor of Mahmutlar promised to help and support us to keep noise levels low and the area look nice and clean, within the possibilities given to him by Turkish law. We know that he keeps his promises but, given economic problems and other slow developments, this may take more time than we, impatient western europe turists, hope for and expect. 

last update: 29-04-2017
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