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Security at Holiday Village

Introduction / description
Holiday Village is, in general, a safe place to stay and enjoy your vacation.
The best way to keep it that way is to take some security precautions yourself and keep an eye open for unusual things. Contact the manager or other staff if in doubt.

  • day and night there is at least one staff member on duty
  • lock your own front door
  • close the entrance door of your block
  • close the gate when you leave or when you arrive
  • don't open the entance of your apartment block if you don't know who is ringing

Electronic keys are available from the manager (15 euro) for the entrance door of your apartment block. The main gate can be opened with the same electronic keys or with a remote control (40 euro, available from the manager).

It is best to leave an extra set of keys of your front door with the manager.
In case of an emergency (fire, water leakage or another danger coming from your apartment and causing damaging your apartment or another property) the manager is entitled to open you apartment to prevent or limit damage to Holiday Village or private property.

emergency exits / staircase
The emergency exits are located on each floor in the central hall, near the elevators. These exits lead to an steel staircase external to the building. These exits must be kept free at all times.

last update: 27-04-2017
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