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Internet access

General information
Holiday Village offers free wireless internet access for owners and visitors

Ask the manager for a (temporary) account for access through one of our two hotspots.

Due to some local limitations internetspeed may be lower than expected. 
Individual connections have a limit of 512 kb/s for download and even lower speed for upload. In general the speed is adequate for checking your email and surfing to most news websites.

The Turkish government does not allow direct acces to certain internet services e.g. YouTube.

Internet access is currently provided through a contract with Önçü, as part of a overall contract for television & radio, security system and internet access.

Internet access is offered through wireless hotspot functionality. This means that through a wireless connection a login facility is provided (name and password required), giving access to the internet. The coverage of the wireless network (through 2 wireless transmitters positioned on the roof of 2 villas) should be adequate for all apartments and villas.

The wireless system is connected to a line leased from Metronet, providing 5mbit symetric (up- and download) datatransmission. However, as this connection is shared between 4 different apartment complexes with hundreds of users, the effective speed per user will not exceed 512 kbit.

In practise the actual performance (internet speed) may significally fluctuate during the day.

How do I get access?
Internet access is made available to all owners and residents who have signed an agreement to respect and agree with the Holidayy Village House rules (form available from Murat).

It is a requirement of Turkish Law that in order to access Wi-Fi all users must have their own individual login and password (available from the manager).
Be aware that if you give your login name and password to others, you may be held responsible in person for their internet behaviour (while using your credentials).

last update: 27-04-2017
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