Staying in Holiday Village

Get access to owners part of the website

The owners part of this website is private: accessible for owners only.

To get access, ask the old owner for the login name and password.
This will get you immediate access to the info and to the owners account. In the owners account you may check if all outstanding owner fees are paid.

You are advised to change the password as soon as possible, to provide exclusive access to yourself only. If you have any problems or were not given the access information by the former owner, please contact the manager of Holiday Village or the webmaster.

If you are a new owner and did not receive the inlog name and password from the old owner, you may request a new owner account. State your full name and home address information, telephone number and email address. Don't forget to mention your apartment or villa number.

Only one (1) account is issued for each apartment or villa. Co-owners may get access by sharing the account inlog information.

last update: 11-06-2010
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