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General new owner info

Bought an apartment or villa in Holiday Village?
Buying a property (apartment of villa) which is part of a larger property  - like  Holiday Village - in Turkey,  is not that much different from buying a similar home in Europe.

What happened when you received your Tapu?
You became a co-owner of the Holiday Village complex and bought the right to exclusively use your apartment or villa. Each owner is responsible for the good care and maintenance of his private house and – together with all the other owners -  for the common parts. Common parts are the garden, swimming pool, elevators, fitness room, tenniscourt, roads, common structures (like the roofs and outerwalls of apartment buildings).  Even if you don’t use those common parts and facilities, you are as co-owner responsible for (the cost of) good care and maintenance.

Owners Association.
To ensure the good care and maintenance of the complex, owners are required (by law) to automatically become member of the Owners Association. The board represent the owners, has delegated responsibility for general management.
If you are owner in Holiday Village, you are responsible for use and maintenance of your private apartment or villa.
The Owners Association (the joint owners) is responsible for the maintenance, Insurance and proper use of the common parts (the garden, pools, pool equipment, tennis court, road, parking lots, satelite receiving system, fitness room and so on).  The cost involved must be paid by all the owners: the owner fee.

The board of the owners association.
The board of the Owners Association is elected by the owners. The members of the board are responsible for maintenance, services and financial administration for the common parts. The board may hire a manager and other personnel or outsource some duties to external companies. However, their spending may not exceed  the (approved) budget.

Owners meeting.
Once a year, the owners meet and review the board accounts for the spending of last years budget. The board present their next year budget for approval by the owners.  Based on the budget, the owner fees are calculated and approved by the owners.

last update: 03-10-2009
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