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Update April 2022


Dear Owners,

We are delighted to welcome all owners, residents and visitors to our Complex. The new season of 2022 is approaching quickly and much work is being completed around the Complex to get everything ready for our visitors to arrive. Thankfully, it is now much easier to travel again and I am sure that you will be happy to visit Holiday Village again in the near future:

Latest News:

  1. The Complex remains financially sound – given the volatility of the TL at the moment, it was a very prudent idea by the management some time ago to fix the annual fees in Euro, as this has protected the Complex from this fluctuation;
  2. As agreed at the extraordinary AGM in September 2021, the ironworks in all communal areas of the Complex as well as in each property have been repainted to help preserve them from rust – this is part of the ongoing maintenance schedule; in addition to this, the entrances to the blocks have been further enhanced;
  3. Significant work has continued in the garden areas; new flowers and trees have been planted as well as much needed improvements in drainage around the Complex;
  4. The improved Pool Bar will re-open in the next week or so – this has been extended further to accommodate more customers; adjustments have also been made to the cooking and preparation area to allow for increased storage in this area; a new cooker has been purchased and installed;
  5. The elevators in all blocks have been upgraded;
  6. The car that had been parked for a long time at the F/G carpark has been removed and taken off site;
  7. Thank you to those Owners who have already paid their fee for this year - a reminder to those who have not yet paid their fee for 2022 - there are still quite a number of owners who have yet to pay this: Login to see the fees of 2022;
  8. A reminder to owners that the 2022 Annual General Meeting takes place on Monday, May 30th, so please have this date in your diary; Agenda and Power of Attorney to follow soon. Please try to be present at the above meeting as it is always positive to have as many owners represented as possible – is this is not possible, please do forward the Power of Attorney in good time to Murat or to another owner who will represent you.  


The Manager and Board of Holiday Village

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