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Update October 2021


Dear Owners,

As the difficult season of 2021 draws to a close, we would like to express our thanks for all your support – both physical, if you were able to visit Holiday Village, and virtual, if you were not in a position to visit this year. Despite the challenges we have all had to face this year again, the Complex has survived well, mainly thanks to Murat and the staff as always.

To those who were able to attend the AGM in September, thank you for your participation and thank you to all who returned the Power of Attorney forms, which allowed the meeting to take place.

We always rely on Owners paying the annual fee on time, and despite many people not being able to visit this year again, most of the fees were paid in good time, which has set us in a good position to complete maintenance and development works around the Complex. It was agreed at the AGM in September that the annual fee would remain the same, and we would be grateful if this could be paid by January 31st 2022. 

Latest News:
  1. The financial situation remains stable – given the significant increase generally in Turkey, we remain protected from these, as the fee is in Euro.
  3. Complex wide internet is now available and is working well. This is a welcome development as this now extends to the Fitness Centre/ Sauna areas as well as other communal areas. 
  5. The Pool Bar has been further extended and despite the low numbers visiting the Complex this year, it proved popular as many visitors were satisfied to remain in the Complex, given the Covid restrictions. Thanks to Fadime for providing a very good service this year. 
  7. Improved drainage systems have been put in place in the garden areas behind all blocks. In addition to this, improvements have been made to the garden areas, with new trees and features put in place. This work will continue over the winter, with drainage work being completed on the main driveway. 
  9. The new soft water system is in place for all properties in the Complex.
  11. It is planned that the ironworks around the Complex will be painted over the coming months.
  13. We have said goodbye to one of the staff members, Serder, who has resigned his position. We have to consider the staffing situation over the coming months. 
  15. The usual reminder to owners that the 2022 Annual General Meeting takes place on Monday, May 30th, so please have this date in your diary; Agenda and Power of Attorney to follow.


The Manager and Board of Holiday Village 

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