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Holiday Village - Update (February 2020)


Dear Owners,

The new season of 2020-21 is approaching quickly and much work is being completed around the Complex to get everything ready for our visitors to arrive.

Latest News:

  1. As agreed at the AGM in May, internet provision is now available across all areas of the Complex; this was completed within budget and will reduce internet costs for all residents, as individual internet subscriptions are no longer necessary; so far, around 40 owners/residents have signed up for this service;

  2. Significant work has begun in the garden behind B and C Blocks; as well as enhancing the garden itself, improvements will also take place regarding drainage in this area; this will extend to other parts of the Complex over the coming weeks;
    Drainage improvements Drainage improvements

  3. The improved Pool Bar will re-open in early April – this will be extended further to accommodate more customers;

  4. Thank you to those Owners who have already paid their fee for this year - a reminder to those who have not yet paid their fee for 2020 - there are still quite a number of owners who have yet to pay this;

  5. The usual reminder to owners that the 2020 Annual General Meeting takes place on Wednesday, May 27th, so please have this date in your diary; Agenda and Power of Attorney to follow.


The Manager and Board of Holiday Village

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