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New Pilates, Massage and Physiotherapy Services (April 2019)

Dear Owners/Residents,

We are delighted to let you know that together with ‘Fizyo Alanya’, a company that specializes in Pilates, Massage and Physiotherapy, these services will be available for residents of Holiday Village over the coming season. We have agreed very competitive prices for these services and if you are interested, please let Murat or Sema Hoca, who runs the company know!

You can contact Sema on +905533066700 for further information.

See below for some sample prices.

PRICE LIST April 2019

1. Pilates Reformer Training Single Lesson (60 min.) 130 tl
2. Pilates Reformer Training Double Lesson For One Person (60 min.) 100 tl
3. Pilates Reformer Training 8 Lessons a Month (60 min.) 650 tl
4. Pilates Reformer Training 12 Lessons a Month (60 min.) 870 tl
5. Group Outdoor Activity 12 Lessons a Month
(crossfit, aquatic gym, high intensity interval training)
(45 min.) 250 tl
6. Group Outdoor Activity 1 Lessons
(crossfit, aquatic gym, high intensity interval training)
(45 min.) 40 tl
7. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 300 tl
8. Manuel Therapy 250 tl
9. Medical Massage (60 min.) 250 tl
10. Hacamat 250 tl
11. Kinesiotaping 175 tl
12. Cellulite treatment (Maderotherapy) local (10 sessions) (30 min.) 1500 tl
13. Cellulite Treatment (Maderotherapy) whole body (10 sessions) (60 min.) 2500 tl

The Manager and Board of Holiday Village

Fyzio Alanya
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