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After the General Meeting
Hello and greetings from sunny Holiday Village. My present stay and this year's Annual General Meeting, AGM, taught me a lot about our community, humbleness, respect for each other and recognition of those people’s efforts, who are working altruistically, to make sure that owners and visitors can enjoy their stay, and the resort stays in good shape.
For me as an owner it is most important and reassuring, that our resort is run by honest and unselfish people like the board members and the site manager Murat.  During the AGM, the owners, present or represented by power of attorney, made it indisputably clear that the Board and the site manager have been very successful and trustworthy in running the complex. In other words, we trust and respect these people and we should be ever so grateful for the good work they are doing for the benefit of the complex and owners. Especially the Board members, who are working dozens and dozens of hours working without compensation.
Our site manager is a crucial link between all the different cultures, attitudes and expectations of our owners and visitors. Without Murat’s willingness to help – including all the everyday private services he provides to many of us, which are not included in what he is being paid for – most of us would spend part of their holidays trying to arrange things with craftsmen, Turkish officials, telephone companies etc. One easily tends to forget, the Murat is hired to run the complex, not to solve owners’ and visitors’ private technical or bureaucratic issues.
Though – just like back home too – things are not always the way we would expect or wish them to be, I think the least we can do, is to meet the people running HV, owners and visitors as well as the citizens of our host country with respect.
A complex like HV will always be a melting pot of nationalities, characters, religions and even races. Most of us live in this community only for a few weeks a year, but also in such a short time, we can learn – if we are willing and able – to be good neighbours to all. In a way HV is some kind of model, how and that we can make a truly multicultural society work.
I am grateful to the board, the site manager, the one responsible for the ever so sunny weather and the possibility to meet lots of happy people enjoying themselves here in Mahmutlar.
See you soon at Holiday Village
Gerhard Gilbert
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On Monday 13 June 2016 for 09:43 Jakob Balling said:
Dear all,

I don´t think I could have put it any better than Gerhard did.

We sometimes talk to owners of other complexes around Alanya and Mahmutlar and from those talks it has always been very clear to us how well-run our complex is. This is due to our hard-working board and our extremely dedicated and faithful complex manager.

Look forward to coming to HV again in a few weeks!

Jakob & Lise Balling
On Thursday 2 June 2016 for 09:23 Henk Nijkamp said:
Thank you board and Murat, it is a good feeling to know you take care of the park and us. Don't change a winning team.
On Wednesday 1 June 2016 for 20:37 Tonny van de Voorde said:
You have written it down very well Gilbert!! Thanks!!
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