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Emergency case
In case your internet connection fails, when you cannot sleep and are on-line gaming in the middle of the night. Or when after a heavy thunderstorm in the evening your satelite TV does not work anymore.

In an emergency situation like that it's obvious that the problem needs to be solved immediately and can not wait until next morning! You need Murat, our manager, right away! One would normally expect the manager to be in his office or at least answer your phone call immediately. If however, you can not reach him there, you might want to go to his home and call for immediate action.

Some people would not appreciate to be disturbed in their home, late in the evening.  But hey, for a resident who cannot watch his favorit television program, he should make an exception, right?
Just ring at his frontdoor and, in case he is not at home either, have his wife find him. That's what we are paying them for, right?

On Thursday 5 April 2012 for 19:12 Siobhan said:
Hi I thought the first mail was a joke! how could someone think that having no t.v. or internet connection in the middle of the night is an emergency. Murat is a great manager and he and his family are entitled to their time off. I'm glad that the committee have listed Murat's hours and as suggested in the last comment I hope they will give a list of his duties. We're looking forward to visiting the HV next month
On Thursday 24 November 2011 for 21:28 Gerhard said:
I'd like to make a few comments on our housemaster's tasks.

First of all I think we all (owners and visitors) should keep in mind taht HV IS NOT A HOTEL. This means that everybody is somewhat responsible for this beautiful place and observe the house rules. In a hotel you would just do as you please and leave everything else to the hotel staff. To my mind the housemaster of HV is rersponsible to make things generally work at the resort.

However, I don't think he should be obliged to serve anybody 24/7. Major general problems like electricity or water supply failures are, of course, a diffenent matter. Also I think it would be fair to compensate Murat for any private favours he supplies to owners or residents. To clarify what belongs to his duties (an what he is being paid for) I would suggest that the board drew up an explicit list with Murat's mandatory taks and with examples of things which don't belong to his tasks.

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