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As we all can see from time to time, there are quite a lot of stray dogs and cats in the Mahmutlar area. Stray animals are a problem in many countries, Turkey is no exception. Animal shelters all over the world usually get more animals than they can handle. No matter how you look at it, animals are often victims of so-called animal lovers. It's so endearing to see how mother cat / dog gives birth to 5 or 6 kittens/puppies.... After a few weeks they become a problem and then.... thanks heaven for animal shelters. 

Anyway, it's quite annoying to see those stray animals lying under your dinner table waiting for the left overs of your meal. 

In Holiday Village we have our share of stray dogs and cats. Although we may have empathic feelings for those animals, they just don't belong in our garden. How about dog / cat poop in the garden or near the swimming pool or the smell of urine near the entrance of your frontdoor or in the elevator/staircase hall?

And then to see some "animal loving" residents feeding those animals and by doing so attract even more of their stray friends and family to move over to Holiday Village. Feeding certainly encourages them to stay close.

Two or three weeks later the animal lovers have gone home, leaving their animal friends behind. Those animals keep wandering around for weeks, waiting for their new human friends to feed them. Little did they know about the limited nature of the human love for animals.

So, if you care about your fellow residents: don't feed the stray animals! Even better,  take the animals for a walk outside HolidayVillage property and wish them good luck!

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